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 Utada Shura

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PostSubject: Utada Shura   Utada Shura EmptyTue May 20, 2008 4:35 am

Personal Information
Name: Utada Shura
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 7
Hair: Black
Eye: Brown
Build: Slim somwhat muscular
Hitae-ate: Around her arm

Appearance:Utada Shura Ninja_anime_girl

Strategic Information

Personality/Attitude:Utada is an outcast and therefore not that good with people at first depending on the situation. She is very nice and Sweet but can get very mad and voilent. When she has the chance she does to people what they do to her she ridicules them and taunts them. She is a strong willed girl that will take on any challenge that is presented to her. Yayu likes accessories and feminine things. She hates it when people make fun of her for who she is and what she likes. Yayu also doesn't like to hear people making fun of her clan and gets very angry when they do so. Basically Yayu isnít someone you would want to mess with on one of her bad days.

Chakra Nature:Earth

Affinity: Ninjutsu-90

Background/History:Utada came from the Rock village with an older brother and her parents. Utada and her mother ran off to Konoha to start a new life after her clan was attacked by the people in there own village which was a major betrayal. Her dad and all her family members fought in the war as did Utada. During one of the battles between the five year old girl and some normal villager she was attacked from behind by another villager but Utada's brother got killed instead because he protected her and made her run away. Utada was sad that most of her family was killed but glad that she at least had her mother with her still. Utadaís mother baught an accessories shop in Konoha shortly after moving there.
Utada works with her mother occasionally for some money and buys some accessories from the store at half price on a family discount to use in ninja training or just to make her look pretty.

After they left the rock village when Utada was five years old and had traveled to Konoha Utada decided to avenge her clan, and was enrolled in the ninja academy when she had turned seven years old. She was a very bad student because she didn't listen to authority much but she did very well in school, getting high grades in several subjects. When she became a Genin she decided to give up on her plans for revenge all together. All the kids in the village and in her own academy graduation class hated her, they didn't know what her clan was capable of doing and therefore, thought they were a pathetic clan and could do very little. She decided not to use Violence against them but rather to let them think what they want to. Utada tries to make friends and she is progress very slow but you never know things might take a turn for the best in her case. It has only been around two months since her graduation and Utada is waiting to be put with a team. While waiting she is training allot by herself.

Utada was put on team she went on many missions one mission included on of her teamates dieing also her bestfriend. I took her about 2 weeks to get over the pain of loosing her friend. When she was in the Chuunin exams her other partner got killed by sound ninja. Leaving her to finish the qwhole thing alone fighting against whole teams. She pasted the chuunin exams and soon after became a Specail jounin at sixteen and then was premoted to Jounin after she killed the hokage's assistant the assitant was a spy. She has been waiting for team for a very long time but there hasn't been any kids going into the academy becasue there parents are scared they could get hurt or even worse die, she has 1 team she was with them for 2 years then they became jounin. She goes on missions and awaits her next team.

Kunai- 32
Shuriken 40
Poison senbon-135
Poison smoke bombs- 20


Utada Shura
Utada Shura Ninja_anime_girl
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Utada Shura
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